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Remember a few months ago after the election when I finally broke down and bought a bolt of 12-momme charmeuse silk to dye and make new clothes from? Well, I haven't got round to doing anything with it yet, but I have got round to buying my first hank of silk yarn to dye. Yes, I'm probably getting ahead of myself here, since it's not like the dining room is the least bit ready to become the sewing/crafting and TV room that everyone at the SpaceCastle eventually wants it to be, but I couldn't resist.

I was bumming around on YouTube several days ago and happened upon some reviews of knitting machines, and found out that the most recent version of the Singer knitting machine — which is made for kids at a price their parents can afford — doesn't suck nearly as much as its predecessor did. Indeed, you can't make anything actually *nice* with it, but you *can* make sock blanks which by their very nature don't need to look good since they're going to be dyed and then eventually unraveled when the yarn is used for making actual socks, or hats, or shawls, etc. So I broke down and bought one, since I knew that sock blanks are expensive and they don't come in the yarn you just spun yourself. (Yes, eventually, I'll start spinning again and will want to dye said yarn myself, sometimes in a hank and sometimes using the sock-blank method.)

I got the undyed silk yarn — which will arrive sometime in the coming week — from KnitPicks, since I was ordering a set of interchangeable knitting needles and needed to add something else to my cart to get the free shipping. It looks lustrously smooth and soft, so will knit up into a sock blank nicely.

Next I need to get some acid dyes from Dharma Trading Company to try out on the silk yarn, and if they turn out as expected, then I'll have a pretty good idea of which dyes produce what shades and can make a better guess before committing any yardage of the silk fabric I got back in November.
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