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Name:Vlad Drăculea
About me:
I'm a Queer agender Ace Autistic trans enby (and happen to be dfab), Blind (partially sighted/legally blind due to albinism), and chronically ill. My pronouns are ze, zem, zeir, zeirs, zemself (or if it's easier, I don't mind if you use singular “they”).

I was born in the late 1960s, am Jewish and a Zen Buddhist novice monk and member of the Blue Heron Zen Community in Seattle. I am also white (well mostly; I'm part Native American too, but several generations back), thus all my life I have unjustly benefitted from the toxic system of white supremacy created as a tool of oppression by white colonialists and slave traders throughout centuries all over the world. As a result, I endeavor to examine my misconceptions and unconscious racism. This is a work in progress and I know I will continue to make mistakes, but I hope to learn from these, and if I'm successful, make fewer over time. I am always open to criticism about this.

Disabilities and chronic illnesses:
Among other things, my disabilities include legal blindness/partially sighted, dyslexia, ADHD inattentive type, and depression and anxiety. I am Autistic, which in this society is automatically a disability in the Social Model of Disability sense. And I have albinism and a bleeding disorder (both associated with Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome), Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with associated dysautonomia that causes numerous physical problems, as well as pervasive fatigue and central neuropathic pain (which for years my doctors and I misconstrued as “fibromyalgia” even though I don't have the tender points characteristic of fibromyalgia). This last condition — EDS with dysautonomia — is the most limiting and impairing of all the disabilities I have, since it is the main reason I haven't been able to complete an education nor work.

No more LiveJournal:
This account used to have a mirror over on LiveJournal, but due to LJ moving their servers over to Russia and subsequently adopting a new Terms of Service that I cannot abide, I am no longer posting on LiveJournal and will eventually shut that account down after tying up some loose ends via LJ private message.

In mid-April of 2017, after three decades of believing myself to be a singlet, I reawakened to the fact that I am not alone in this body, and am thus a member of a plural system. My bodymate is Ben, and there may be more of us, though neither of us are aware of anyone else living in here. We do not have dissociative identity disorder. Though we each had a traumatic childhood, our plurality seems — like that of our other friends who are members of plural systems — to be a naturally occurring manifestation of our neurodivergence and is thus not a pathology nor a source of distress for either of us.

Eventually, Ben will have his own account when we have the spoons to set that up. For the meantime, he and I are sharing this account and we will both do our best via use of icons and signatures to make clear who is posting or commenting on other people's posts.
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